Algo Dewatering Pump

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Dewatering Pump Options

  HP                    Delivery
1.0 HP                 40 Feet

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Algo Dewatering Pump

Algo Dewatering Pump is used in dewatering, Sewage, Pits, drainage systems.

HP : 1 HP
Delivery : 0-40 Feet

Pump body is made of ABS.
Outlet discharge size : 11/4″
Phase : Single.

Modern technology and latest design.
Occupies zero space as the pump will be submerged inside the water.
Pump was built using rust free materials, so less maintenance.
Pumps out solid particles upto size of 15mm along with the water


1.0 HP : Max Suction – 15 Feet, Max Delivery – 30 Feet (vertical)

Storm / drain water pumping.
Dewatering from pits, swimming pools.
Gardening, car washes, etc.

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