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Besten Horizontal Multistage Pump


Horizontal Multistage Pump Options

   HP              Max Suction             Delivery
0.8 HP :              25 Feet                      45 Feet
1.0 HP :               25 Feet                      70 Feet
1.5 HP :               25 Feet                     90 Feet
2.0 HP :              25 Feet                     120 Feet

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Besten Horizontal Multistage Pump

Besten Horizontal Multistage Pump is manufactured with latest technology to ensure higher pressure than ordinary centrifugal monobloc.

HP : 0.8 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2.0 HP
Max Suction: 0-25 feets
Max Delivery: 0-120 feets

Pump Adapter: cast Iron, Stainless steel Pump casing.
Impeller : SS
Mechanical Seal : Ceramic & Graphite
Shaft : High quality Stainless steel.
Inlet suction size : 1″
Outlet discharge size : 1″
Phase : Single.

High centrifugal suction power.
Pump portion is desinged in high quality Stainless steel.
More Pressure when compared to ordinary centrifugal monobloc.
Runs on low voltage.
Good priming ability / suction.
Non corrosive pumps parts, Rigid construction.
Built in with thermal overload protector to ensure life of motor winding.


Max Suction – 25 Feet
Max Delivery
0.5 HP : 45 Feet
1.0 HP : 70 Feet
1.5 HP : 90 Feet
2.0 HP : 120 Feet

Besten Horizontal Multistage Pump will not work beyond 25 feet of suction, 120 feet of delivery (including no of bends).

  • Shallow wells, sumps at residential and industrial buildings for pressure boosting systems.
  • Suitable for high raise apartments requiring high pressure.
  • Water cooling and purification plants.
  • Gardening, car washing and floor cleaning, etc.

Upgrade to Besten Pressure Booster systems for High Pressure and efficiency.

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