Besten Jet Pump TwoStage

11,240.00 10,890.00

   HP             Max Suction          Delivery
1.0 HP :              140 Feet                   70 Feet

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Besten Jet Pump TwoStage

Besten Jet Pump TwoStage is a Tefc construction. Aims at creating Value for money for the customer. Customer can enjoy good performance without upgrading to 1.5 HP Jet Pump. Results in power consumption of that extra 0.5 HP.


HP :  1 HP
Max Suction
1.0 HP : 0-140 Feet

Max Delivery
1.0 HP : 0-70 Feet

Pump Adapter: Cast Iron
Impeller : SS & PP
Mechanical Seal : Ceramic & Graphite

Largest selling model across all brands.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Designed specially to draw water from deep wells.
Solid construction ensures less maintenance.
Easy availability of spares and service men.
Requires minimum floor area.
No moving parts inside the bore well
Suitable for wide voltage operation.

Used to draw water from Deep bore wells up to 140 feet only.
This model can be used for wide variety of applications from agriculture to manufacturing.
Most commonly used to draw water from wells and shallow bore wells.
Storage Tanks.

Also refer Besten Jet Pump 1.5 HP for additional 10 feet suction.

Visit Best Pumps India for further reference.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in

1HP, 0.5HP, 1.5 HP


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